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Prudential Emerging visionaries 

Our Design Sprint methodology

Developed first at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a tried-and-true method for finding solutions to challenges. Bringing that methodology to students, you create teams of 2-8 to develop, validate and engineer solutions to problems in our communities. All this takes place in one high intensity and productive weekend where each team has 24-48h to produce a solution. We call them "Hackathons"!


No prior knowledge required 

Recognition for winners


No cost to participate

Real life experience
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Open to 
Ages: 15-18

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To build a community of dedicated and compassionate students who are committed to solving real-world challenges in our communities through design sprints (or as we call them- Hackathons!)


We aspire to create a better and more equitable world for all of us.

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Design Sprint  #1


Completed : Late September 2022
In collaboration with Houston Planning Commission, Your Houston, Houston Mayor, Awty International School


Design Sprint  #3


Completed: March 2023
In collaboration with Rice Black Houston Symposium 

Go Vote Flyers

Design Sprint  #3


Coming Soon : Late October 2024
In collaboration with League of Minority Voters 

Image by Tom Parkes

Design Sprint  #4

Emerging Visionaries

Coming Soon : September 2024
In collaboration with Emerging Visionaries by Prudential 

Signup Voting

Voting Sprint

Sign Up:   Late October

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about us

We're two high school friends, fired up about leveling the playing field for everyone. We are passionate about helping the underdog and creating solutions to solve problems in our communities. In the process, we hope to spotlight sustainable projects started by young trailblazers like us, making a positive dent in the world. With our can-do attitude and relentless perseverance, we dare to imagine a world that's better for all and get our peers to team up and turn this vision into a shared reality.

Saheb Nibber

Senior at Awty International School. Founder: ReactGlove, CornStruct, Impact Lab & Smart City Houston.

Mayor's Youth Council, Dist. A Representative

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Sergei Kudriavtcev

Senior at The Lawrenceville School.
US National Fencing Team member. Upcoming Freshman at Princeton.

Co-Founder: Smat City Houston.

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